Contain cloud spending while preserving application performance with automatable cloud cost optimization tools

Contain cost while preserving performance with automatic, continuous cloud optimization. IBM Turbonomic software matches application demand exactly to cloud resources in real-time. The software also accounts for cloud reservations, allowing you to purchase additional resources only when needed.

What if you had smarter cloud cost management?

It’s almost impossible for humans—no matter how skilled in DevOps, SRE, or cloud—to continuously determine the exact compute, storage, and database configurations for cloud applications to deliver performance at the lowest cost. So, you increase the allocation of cloud infrastructure to avoid application performance risks and often end up with an unnecessarily high cloud bill. 

Using the IBM® Turbonomic® platform’s AI-powered automation and cloud cost optimization solutions, you can continuously help ensure application performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize costs. The platform’s cloud cost management tools work with public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments and with any major cloud provider. With IBM Turbonomic software, your cloud investments are smarter, automation is easier, and you can finally realize the promise of agility, elasticity, and speed to market.

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Optimize your cloud environment


IBM Turbonomic software automatically determines the correct virtual machine (VM) instance type for your cloud application workloads. The solution uses a wide range of metrics: vCPU, vMem, network, and storage input/output (IO), throughput, reserved instance inventory, pricing and discounts, disk count, quota, and available region.


IBM Turbonomic software evaluates throughput and IOPS demand to scale to the optimal storage solution for each individual disk. This includes scaling between and within storage tiers, sizing up volumes, modifying IOPS or throughput capacity on 101/102 Azure Ultra with no downtime, and deleting unattached storage devices.


Take advantage of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) more completely when you can scale Azure SQL and AWS RDS database resources exactly when the application needs them, without paying for unused database capacity.


See how IBM Turbonomic software optimizes any upstream version of Kubernetes with container rightsizing, continuous pod moves, intelligent cluster scaling, and container planning.

Reserved instances

IBM Turbonomic software provides specific, automatable compute scaling actions based on utilization so you can fully use existing RI inventory and maximize reservation-to-VM coverage. The software automatically ingests and displays negotiated rates.