At TECHIP, we highly value the privacy of our users and are fully committed to responsibly protecting and processing their personal information. This privacy statement outlines how TECHIP collects, uses, and shares user information. It pertains specifically to TECHIP Corporation, and additional data privacy information may be provided through a supplementary privacy notice.

Collection and Use of Information:

The information we collect and utilize may encompass various aspects such as profile information, webpage interactions, marketing preferences, data related to investigating malicious activities, recordings or transcripts of support conversations, information for enhancing business operations, and more.

TECHIP Websites:

Our websites provide channels for communication regarding TECHIP, its products, and services. The information collected on these websites is employed to grant access, operate and improve the user experience, and personalize the provision of information. When visiting our websites, relevant information connected to the visit may still be collected.


Based on user preferences, we utilize the collected information to communicate about relevant products, services, and offerings. Additionally, this information is employed to personalize the online experience by tailoring content and advertisements. It also aids in internal marketing and business intelligence. Users can update their marketing communication preferences by selecting the “Unsubscribe” option in the footer of marketing emails. For managing online information preferences, users can choose “Cookie Preferences” in the website footer.

Contractual Relationships:

When users order trials, products, or services, a contractual relationship is established. Although our primary focus is on businesses, individuals can also directly engage with us as clients. We collect the necessary information to prepare for, enter into, and fulfill contractual agreements.

Support Services:

When users seek support, including through LiveChat, we collect their contact information, problem description, and possible resolutions. The provided information is recorded for handling support queries, administrative purposes, fostering customer relationships, staff training, and quality assurance.

Protecting You and TECHIP:

Information may be collected and used to safeguard users and TECHIP from IT security threats. It also helps secure the held information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes leveraging information from IT access authorization systems, such as log-in data.

TECHIP Locations:

At TECHIP locations, user names or business contact information, and occasionally details from a government-issued ID, are collected. This information is necessary for access management and ensuring the security and safety of our premises and employees.

Recruitment and Former Employees:

We continuously search for talent and collect information about job applicants and potential candidates from various sources. For more information, applicants can refer to the Talent Acquisition Privacy Notice. When employees leave TECHIP, we continue processing relevant information for remaining business, contractual, employment, legal, and fiscal purposes, including pension management handled by TECHIP.

Conducting our Business Operations:

Information is collected and utilized to enhance our business operations, systems, and processes. It aids in conducting, maintaining, auditing, and optimizing our operations, protecting assets and employees, product development, and defending our rights.

Cookies and Similar Technologies:

When users visit our websites, cloud and online services, and software products, or view our content on certain third-party websites, we collect information through various online tracking technologies such as cookies, web beacons, Local Storage, or HTML5. These technologies may be necessary for website or service functionality, performance improvement, understanding user behavior, or determining user interests. Advertising partners assist in providing and utilizing such technologies on TECHIP and other websites.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise, our websites, products, and services are not intended for use by children under the age of 16.

Privacy Statement Updates:

In the event of a significant change to this Privacy Statement, the effective date is updated, and a notice is displayed on the updated Privacy Statement for 30 days. By continuing to use our websites and services after the revised statement takes effect, it is understood that users have read and comprehended the changes.