Our Dream ?!

Dreams initiate from ideas, followed by determination, and determination achieves the extraordinary. We comprise a skilled ensemble of world-class software engineers, architects, and technical managers, boasting extensive expertise in providing high-caliber software solutions to the largest corporations across various sectors such as government, telecom, banking, and oil. Our journey commenced in 2015 with a vision to expand our achievements and assist enterprises in digitizing their operations so they can easily connect with their clients globally.

Why Us?

Our mindset revolves around becoming an accomplished collaborator in our client’s business endeavors. Leveraging our distinctive blend of European and local seasoned professionals alongside boundless innovative concepts, we guide our customers towards their ultimate objectives


To lead the technology and software industry by providing the most recent and qualified technology solutions in the Europe and Middle East region serving the global market.


To provide all-in-one Software Services from Consultation, Development, Outsourcing, and training services. So, clients can begin, govern, and automate their business. TECHIP is Committed to technology, developing team skills, and the adoption of automated processes that improve transparency and service efficiency for our clients.

Life at TECHIP

TECHIP has a great mixture of nationalities between European and Middle Eastern calibers, whom you will enjoy working with, we have a lot to tell you about TECHIP team in Life at TECHIP page