A complete Solution platform built to provide Enterprises with common business needs, this Smart platform includes four main modules, which can solve most of your business problems, we desiged this product in order to help you grow your business, so our Brand TEECH Platform includes the following modules:


Sharing the same platform Makes these modules run smoothly and have flexible deployment options. with Pay-As-You-Go model.


Our IT service desk software is the operating arm of an organization’s IT department, designed to keep operations running smoothly, inlcudes the below modules:

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Service request management
  • IT Service Desk
  • Service level management.
  • Service catalog

Our eCommerce engine Sell_TECH behind the scenes of an online store, making it possible to easily manage inventory, add or remove products, calculate taxes, and everything else required to manage a website and fulfill orders, includes the below modules:

  • Inventory Management.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Invoicing and accounting modules.
  • Promotions module.


Track all the incoming and outgoing business correspondence of an organization. Some of the awsome features are listed below:

  • Easily Integrate with Other Systems
  • Easily Manage Permissions
  • Integration with Archiving Solutions
  • Enable Documents following up
  • Auto Generate & Print barcodes
  • 3D Dimensional reports
  • Send Notifications via SMS, Email



TECH_BOT solution utlizing the best in class technology based chatbot solutions for the best customer experience and support, it clearly identifies your customers need through utilizing the most recent artificial intellegence technology like:

  • ChatGPT 3.5
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Rasa